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Writing Contests



I have several advanced writers in my 4th grade class, and would love to challenge them by allowing them to enter a writing contest.
Does anyone know of a link, besides Scholastic, that provides contests for writing? I am looking for one that does not involve the internet, as some students do not have assess.
Thank you in advance!


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Also in NJ..

(As you may have guessed from my screen name). Have you heard of the New York Red Bulls (formerly MetroStars) ? It's a professional soccer team, and they have a program called Score at School. They send bookmarks and folders and the teacher assigns the class 3 goals that the children have to follow. If they meet their goals by the end of the program, they get a free ticket to a game, as do the teachers :) Last year, the mascot came to our school. This year, a mascot and player will be visiting us! If you are a part of this program, they are having a writing contest about an influential teacher or staff memeber in the school. The winner wins a pizza party for the class. My kids LOVE this program! Since the team just changed names, the program started late (they had to re-print all materials) so it's not too late to sign up. Since the website changed, they didn't add the Score at School info yet, but if you are interested let me know and I will gladly give you the email for the contact person for this program.

We are also part of an organization about celebrating NJ, and I know they are having an essay contest as well. Honestly, Iwas so busy with the NJ ASK that I haven't done a thing for it, so I don't know what they had to write, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll go through my emails to get you the info.

Sorry for the long-winded response :eek:



Thanks for the advice! We have been doing the score-at-school program for about 4 years and love it! we opted out this year because they have recently switched from 2 free tickets to 1 ticket for each student. That means if a parent wants to go with their child, they have to buy a ticket, and they aren't all financially well off.
Although the students enjoyed it, we decided not to participate due to the low rate of students who actually were able to attend the game, even though they had that one ticket.

Thanks for the help, and i am so glad the program works for you! they are really great over there and always a pleasure to work with. :)