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Writing kids names on the board



There are a two teachers in my school that have kids in their class act as monitors by having them write down the names of other kids on the board when they misbehave in class. I cannot stand this . I know it is none of my business but my own child will soon be in one of their classes next year and I really do not want my child to participate in this. They are both my friends but how should I approach this issue. The principal has no clue because they tell me they have hidden this from her. It seems that the kids in their classes are tattle tales and now I know why. Should I tell them how I feel? Or is it a practice that many teachers do and I'm being a prude?


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How do you know that the kids in thier classes are tattletales? Do you witness it? Do they mention it or complain about it? If so this is the perfect opportunity to bring up this issue. The next time you witness tattling or hear them talking about having tattletales say to them (maybe jokingly at first) Maybe they wouldn't tattle if you didn't encourage it by asking them to take names. HAHA I am guilty of doing the name taking thing in the past. I did it one time. Afterwards, I realized that it was just a tattle fest. Now instead of taking names I have monitors that shush people if I need to step out. This seems to work. At the beginning of the year they all want to tell me names that they have taken. I quickly tell them that it was not their job to take names, but to instead ask their friends to sit down or shush them if they are talking. They catch on quickly that I don't want names. Maybe you can suggest something like this to your friend.


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we were told not to do this

I have seen this happen in some classrooms. I had one principal who told us we were not to do this.

I guess you can't do much to change these teachers. They probably think they're doing the right thing.

Perhaps somebody needs to "tip off" the principal that this is occurring. Maybe a parent will do it so that you don't have to.

Mrs. O

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Names of the board for good behavior

Sometimes when I need to leave, I leave a monitor too, but they are looking for the top 3 or 4 outstanding ones. It works with my Honorable Character system. Maybe you could suggest this to those teachers if they are going to leave a person in charge to take names. Although, I am not sure how I would go about it.

Bonnie gr. 2

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Leaving a class

We are not allowed to leave a class without a teacher. If you need to use the rest room, you can get the teacher next door or across the hall to look in if there is no one available to cover. In most cases, aides are not left with a class, although they can handle the kids at lunch time.


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Name taking

I do write names on the board-with checkmarks and all....but for positive behaviors! The first time is really funny to see the kids faces and hear some of them say,"What did I do?" I don't say anything- it takes them about 3 minutes to figure it out. Then if I need to step out-- we are not allowed to leave our rooms unattended- but sometimes a parent drops by and I step into the hall- the kids take names. They love being able to say.."I had my name tooken 'cause I was sitting and working quietly!"


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My school has one too!

One of the 2nd grade teachers has class presidents, and they are in total control of the class. When he taught 3rd, and I would receive his students the next year, they would try the power thing in my class, and I would nip it in the bud. As for saying something to them I would. If you are friends, I would give them the reasons why you don't agree with it.They obviously know that it is not conducive to the learning environment, if they hide it from the principal.


Re: MT's message

I don't agree with the students looking for misbehavior, but peer pressure can work to a teacher's advantage when loooking for POSITIVE behavior. I guess it depends on what grade one teaches, but I certainly wouldn't leave my class of kindergartners. However, I will ask a child or two to stand up and "look for a classmate that is working nicely.." or to "look for a classmate that is standing quietly in line.." It works like a charm and I will often choose someone that has TROUBLE following directions b/c it usually encourages them to make good choices when they see how good behavior is being reinforced. Just some thoughts...stuff like this always depends on the circumstances/grade/atmosphere of the classroom.


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positive approach

When I leave the room, instead of taking names, I have a student look for the 3 best students. Ones that are working and quiet. When I return those 3 receive one m&m each. This way the child in charge is doing something positive--not telling on the others. Also all the class wants to be pick so they are quiet. :rolleyes: