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Writing lesson for The Mitten or the Hat


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Just wondered if anyone had some cute writing activity to use with either Jan Brett book. My reading class is below grade level and mostly ESL so simple is good. For some reason I am drawing a blank on any connection and I can't find my file that had stuff.
Thanks a bunch! :)


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Maybe you could have your students choose one of the animals from the storyand write why they would like to be that animal.They could follow up with coloring and cutting out a mitten and a picture of that particular animal. The Jan Brett website has a pattern of a mitten and the animals to print.


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The Mitten or The Hat writing

I too have a low class. I took the last problem in the Hat, where Lisa's clothes were on the animals and the children were to write a solution. We talked about what they could be, then they only had to write a sentence or two, but it was their idea.
I have thought of having them design a mitten of their own and writing a couple of sentences describing the mitten.
You could also have them write their own story about losing a mitten or hat of their own. How did they, or would they feel if their favorite grandma made this mitten and they lost it. Who might have picked it up? A story could be a real story instead of fantasy and the children will do well.
Have fun!


mitten activity

I found an activity using The Mitten, but I can't remember where I got it from. It was similar to that of the last post. The students design a mitten and then write a detailed description of how they did it. (For example: First I colored the thumb purple. Then I put a red star in the middle.) They would then give their description to another student who had to draw the mitten based on the descrition. When they were finished they paired up to see how close they were. It was fun!