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Writing Letters...

Ms. J

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Hello all. My students are currently learning the parts of a letter and have practiced writing letters to story characters and friends in the classroom. Any real people you have had your class write to that they have really enjoyed writing? Have you had responses from the receipients? Looking for new and innovative ideas. Thanks!


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Last year I had my students write to the governors of different states and ask for information. Many of the governors responded. Some sent a letter adn others even sent maps, photos, postcards, pins, etc. It was great!!:cool:


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Choose an author

When we read "The Keeping Quilt", my students wrote to Patricia Polacco. You can find other authors on the internet.


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Letter writing

My class wrote to their favorite NHL team. We got their addresses from the internet. Some teams sent posters while others sent hockey cards. Try different sports organizations.

During social studies, my class wrote to tourist information authorities and recieved some information, maps and even little flags.

How about senior citizen homes. My friend's daughter use to write to a senior citizen on her own and she developed a friendship with the lady she wrote to.



Write Thank You notes to the janitor that cleans your room. ---principal, secretaries.


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We also did a senior citizens' home and it went over very well! They loved getting the letters (the seniors) and the kids loved getting them in return. Rather than mailing them, I took them every Friday (and picked up any) and dropped them off with the secretary. Occasionally you can stop in and say hi to them as well. You could do it once a month if weekly was too hard. Sometimes the seniors couldn't write well (physically), so they'd dictate to a volunteer or worker in the home. You have to set it up in advance with the nursing home - talk to the recreation coordinator. If they have a good one, they'll be thrilled to do it! :)