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Writing Programs


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:s) What writing program/resources do you or your schools use? We have an adopted program for every subject except writing. We are required to have our K's write a personal narrative, poem, and a persuasive letter for their writing portfolios to turn in at the end of the school year. I always muddle my way through each writing piece, but I never feel like my students do an awesome job. Does anyone have any resources/ideas to share? What works in your classroom? What does your district require for K's to write at the end of the school year?
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P.S. I teach full-day K that is run very much like the "old" 1st grade.


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Writing program

Our school just started using the "Write...from the Beginning" program. It has layed out plans for each grade. In K we spend different weeks getting the students to progress in their writing, starting with scribbling, then phonetic spelling and eventually getting to words. The goal is to geth the K students to get their journal writing to at least one sentence and get their pictures grounded, meaning the pic should match what they are saying and the people should look as realistic as possible, and the setting should also go along with the pic. We give an example by writing in our own "journal" and also write down what the students sentence says. I can tell you more if you would like, I am not sure how much of this is avaliable on the internet, so far it is working ok with most of the students.


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:s) That is too weird, wig. Right after I made my initial post I received my Learning Magazine in the mail (Mailbox sends it out periodically) and Write Source was featured on like the 5th page. It looks like an awesome program and just what I am looking for. I have already been on the website and requested some samples. I may contact you again if we end up purchasing the program. Thanks!
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Who is the publisher?

Who is the publisher of this program?
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Mrs. R

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Write Source Experience

My district ordered Write Source several years ago and we are moving away from it. It isn't enough of a "program" for us. Teachers in my district use it more as a reference tool. It has some helpful writing mechanics lessons. We have started to use Lucy Calkins and like it a lot.


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Re: Write Source

I have to agree that it is not "enough". But, what it does for us is:

1. Gives us a sequential program, so we can avoid "holes"

2. It has a great pacing chart

3. It has some very creative ideas

4. The mechanics portion is good

5. The writing/editing/revision checklists are good

Most of us use it in conjunction with Six Traits.

There are very few programs out there and we did not have a proper scope and sequence, so by the time we got them in mddle school, there were glaring gaps - e.g. fifth graders were no further than a five sentence paragraph.

Write Source hwever is a good foundation from which one can build on.


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Marcia Freeman

We use a combination of writing programs. We do a lot of interactive writing, shared writing and modeled writing. However, for the past several years we have been using targeted writing with the children and have found it very successful. Our children are writing at least three sentences which make sense and most are writing a paragraph. Pick up some of the books by Marcia Freeman ontargeted writing. I was priviledged to write the K writing curriculum for our district a couple of years ago and really support the premise of targeted writing.