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Writing Prompts



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I use many, but the most popular among the kids is "The Day it Snowed M & M's"

I usually do it on the first snowfall of the season and have a stash of M & M's to sprinkle on their desks while they write.

They then draw a picture to go with their story. The pictures are bright and colorful.

If I think of more that I use, I will post them.

It has been 70 here, so I'm not yet into the winter season!


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That sounds like a fun prompt, especially since it never snows where I teach. I think my students would really go to town with this.


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snow idea

It would be cool to use a hole puncher and make "confetti" with construction paper. Give the students a handful of the "confetti" to add to their illustrations for "m&m snow".


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Winter Hats

We do a discriptive writing about everyones favorites winter hat. When we are done, I collect the hats and have them in the middle of the circle. The kids read the discription and the rest of the kids have to identify the hat. The kids really love this.


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Great Ideas
I also do a gingerbread writing. A narrative about where the gingerbread man ran too
And snowmen at night. Read the story then make snowmen on black paper and write about what they think snowmen do at night