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In what ways do you assess students in reading? I'm only familiar with first grade.

Also, for Writer's Workshop, I've been getting wonderful info from all these posts here but am wondering how often do the students bring their seed ideas from their writer's notebooks to a full-fledge writing piece? I understand you do a mini-lesson every day, then they go write focusing on that topic. But it's a "workshop" so I understand it to be working on pieces ongoing...do you let them be all unfinished until one week you say, "we're going to pick one and publish it?" Thanks for any help!
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Reading Assessment

I asess students in several ways for reading. Since I have guided reading and centers, I have a rubric which I fill out for the end of the quarter. The rubric includes 1. read a-loud, 2. reading notebooks (I have students write a letter to me once a week about the book they are reading), 3. reading logs (students hand in a reading log once a week which has a parent signature. I also base this score on whether or not they are reading books independently), and 4. guided reading/centers (behavior, center work, and discussion/comprehension of guided reading books).

I count the rubric as a test grade, so it has more weight in the grades.
While I grade all of things listed above separately, the rubric brings the scores down for students who are doing everything, but may not be reading books at their level or who are not behaving during center time. It can also bring grades up for students who are trying really hard.