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Yay! Ive been teaching for 3 days now!


New Member
Well, I've officially been teaching now for 3 days - woohoo! It's actually worked out well, school started on Monday and today is Australia Day so we have a public holiday. I plan to spend it sleeping!!

I just wanted to say thanks to all those people who helped me out as i was getting ready to start. You really went out of your way to answer all my questions and give me some great advice - it's really appreciated.

So far so good....I'm sure I'll have heaps more questions as the year goes on!

Thanks again guys


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Glad to hear that everything started so well for you. :D I have relatives in Brisbane so we took the Tim Tams out of the freezer and had a Aussie snack with our tea yesterday.


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Go the Tim Tams!

yum! no Aussie day celebration is complete without some tim tams! We did the traditional Aussie thing and had a big bbq with our friends - not quite the sleep in I was expecting but lots of fun! :)