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Yesterday's Wordle


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I didn't get yesterday's wordle and I'm a little bitter about it. <!--giggle--> (Possibly because it threw off my max streak!) I don't call that type of knife a parer. I've never heard it called that. I've always heard it referred to as a paring knife. Does anyone use the term parer? Maybe a chef might?


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Of all my friends who regularly do wordle, only one person got the word yesterday and it wasn't me. Lots of X/6 scores....

and same. I actually had to google the word because I had no idea because I've never heard of it used that way before.


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oh good! i struggled with it too---and could not figure out what the answer could be and just tried a couple things, knowing i would get it wrong.


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It's a legitimate word but I don't know that's it's commonly used anywhere. And, of course, if you didn't get the middle letter, there were so many possibilities!


You could have gotten 4 green letters on your first guess and still not solved it.

The r being used twice added to the challenge.


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Count me in. My winning streak ended at 113. I don’t mind the word so much as I mind the stupid open pattern that makes it tricky for everyone—except tctrojan who got it in 3! When I looked back, I was really grateful to all of you who missed it, too. I know, silly of me, but misery loves company. LOLLOL


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No, and I was annoyed, too. I haven't had a zero score in a long time and I did yesterday. It's a paring knife. Parer is not a word. "Payer" might be (my final guess) "Pager" works fine. "Paper" was guess #4. But officially add my name to the complaint list.


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I was also not a fan, and i have never used that word. I guessed many legitimate words that weren't correct. All but the middle letter almost all the way down.


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I read that that the usual daily success rate for wordle is around 90% and yesterday it was 40%. Getting it had nothing to do with knowing letter patterns and everything with luck in guessing the one of many letters that fit in the middle.


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I actually got it yesterday, but it was because parer was my only reasonable choice left. I am not the best Wordle solver so it must have been the luck of the previous words I tried.


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I had 4 letters at about the third line and guessed pager, pacer, paver before I ran out of guesses. I consider "parer" to be one of those non-words that are often in crosswords to fill up a space. In order to make it a real word, I guess that whenever we pare an apple, we should consider ourselves parers or perhaps our paring knives are parers or maybe Somebody is trying to change the name of this peeler from its correct name to the ridiculously incorrect name of "parer".

Interestingly, there are red lines under "parer" and "parers" so even Google doesn't like the word.
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I mentioned yesterday but my post was towards the end that it seems that the Wordle words lately are the “root” words and that we only use those words irl with endings- so I don’t tend to think of them as words when playing the game.

Wordle went from having simple words to like ridiculously hard.


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I didn't play yesterday, but I wouldn't have gotten that unless I had very few letters left and it was a random guess. I keep forgetting wordle exists, honestly. I play like once every 1-2 weeks when I suddenly remember.


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My daughter

Has A very high percentage I'm a 90, she wanted to know if I got it. I did, but on the 5th. I recall it was a weird word.


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I didn't get it. And parer is NOT in my dictionary.

I can understand what it would mean (if it was a real word), but I reject it. Choosing that word feels like when kids try to change the rules in the middle of the game.