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young stepmother



There's a teacher I work with (25 yrs) who is a young stepmother. She's very nice and I like working with her, and I know other people's family situations are different than others but I just don't know how she gets her blended family to work. First off I should say I really like this teacher and she seems like a good mom and stepmom.
This teacher is 25. Her husband is 44!! I'm 28 and I know I could never have married someone with that huge of an age difference. My husband is 30. Anyway, back to this teacher I work with. She has a 5 year old daughter from her previous marriage to her ex-husband. Her current husband has an 18 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. I just don't see how stepkids would take a stepmom seriously with just a few years between them. She seems to care for them, but I don't see how she could ever be considered "Mom" or even like a mother when she is only a few years older than her stepchildren.



My stepmom isn't much older than me (definitely not old enough to be my mom). I've always respected her, and we get along well. She may not be a mother to me, but she is still a friend.

My friends and I have joked about this because, one of my friend's stepmom is only about 6 years older than us. She is refered to as the "step-friend". She is more like a friend to my friend because they are so close in age. She never tries to act like a mother. Also my friend was in her 20's when her dad married her "step-friend"


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My situation

I'm 33 and am a step-mother to a 22 year old. We get along fine but I don't play much of a "motherly" role to him. His father has always handled discipline issues, and I have been more of a confidante when he's having troubles at school or with girlfriends. We also have three other children. It's been interesting but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!