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Your Children's Christmas Presents



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I have a seven year old girl and a five year old boy. They are both very into science so--- we are buying various habitats for bugs, a volcano, and some Young Scientist kits (toy r us), etc. We are also buying cactus (cacti) b/c the boy is nuts over them! Go figure:confused: The rest of my list is pretty normal.

Check out this website for cool ideas: www.youngexplorers.com


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7 yo boys

When my boys were that age they loved any kind of cool action figures. Back then Power Rangers were huge (and impossible to find). They also loved Batman stuff and GI Joe stuff. My younger son also loved to do Legos, but the older one didn't so I guess that is based on the kid. Boys were always easy to buy for...cars, actions figures, legos, transformers, etc. etc.

Now they are teenagers and I have a 7 yo girl. IMO, she is harder. She likes girly stuff, but she doesn't have a particular thing she likes. I LOVE buying clothes for her, though!<!--lovestruck-->


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I have a seven year old boy and all he has asked for is Power Rangers and Transformers figures.


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There are some really neat games that would be good for kids his age that could last a few years--Blokus is a great one that would grow with him....Racko....Apples to Apples....

At that age my son LOVED the Time Almanac for Kids...a globe?

Just brainstorming....


posting anon because my DS

has figured out my username! LOL! He is 9 and getting video games for his x-box and computer, an action figure (large), tons of books because he is an avid reader, moon sand, something like a ball pogo stick called a zoingo boingo (I think?), a chair for his room, new shoes in a camoflaug print and stocking stuffers. Maybe a gift card to the pizza parlor.


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Does he have a basketball goal yet? That's about the year we got ours - and it's lasted until just recently. I don't mean the Fisher Price version - I mean the real deal. Very popular around here. :D