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ZB Superkids

Reading | Literature 


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Is anyone currently using Zaner Bloser Superkids for ELA in kindergarten ? We just had a short presentation, but it was geared K-2, not just K and it was virtual. I’d like to hear pros and cons.
Our K-1 Teams liked what we’ve seen so far, but Grade 2 liked Wit and Wisdom better.
Originally, the plan was to have an adoption for this upcoming year. The committee started previewing different curriculum materials.
Now we are going in a different direction. Our district is investing in intensive LETRS PD for teachers for the next two years. (Focus on how to teach reading)
This will help us make a better informed decision.


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I have not used it but have read nothing but good things on all of the Science of Reading and kindergarten groups that I'm in. I've also heard that a lot of schools adopt Superkids for K-2 and Wit and Wisdom for 3rd and up.

I am starting LETRS training at the end of this year as well and I'm so excited!


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We are adopting ZB Superkids for next school year so I am going to follow this thread. I just finished LETRS Units 1-4 training and will take Units 5-8 next year. Actually 2nd time taking it, the first was about 10 years ago as part of my Masters program.
We heard great things about ZB Superkids and it follows Science of Reading research. It was brought up often in our LETRS training by the presenters and teachers from other schools who are using it. LETRS is very intense and a lot of work but it is very, very good.


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I am retired now but my school successfully used Zaner Bloser Superkids. I loved the Grade 2 series because it was supplemented with individualized reading booklets and non-fiction magazines with many activities. There was almost too much material!